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Janet Dhaenens, Leeann Fu, and Carolyn Stuart were brought together by taking Miki and Arnina Kashtan's Parenting without Obedience course. We formed Empowering Wisdom to offer circles that facilitate greater access to the wisdom we can tap into by welcoming all parts of ourselves.

Janet Dhaenens

I am a mother of 3 and grandmother of 3, and I'm finally finding words to express what my life experiences have been teaching me for more than 60 years. My specialty is comfort with and ability to welcome and learn from emotions. Suffering from being different and finding no way to fit in led me to recognize the value of differences and the gifts they contain. I am eager to support you in slowing down to find and explore the gifts you already have, so you can use them to have the relationship with your children you really want.

Leeann Fu

My passion is in exploring what helps people thrive and what can facilitate self-connection. I am the creator of Teddy Bear Talk Support and Pick a Picture. My work has been informed by many years of engagement in the practice of Authentic Movement, Nonviolent Communication, Co-counseling, and a decade of co-teaching a graduate level "owner's manual for your brain" class. I am the mother of Joel, who is 11 years old and in 5th grade.

Carolyn Stuart

In 1984 I was smitten by the relational dance form Contact Improvisation. Since then I've pursued my passion to share it far and wide with people of all ages, abilities and cultures. I came to understand, on the dance floor, that a sustainable paradigm of mutual well-being was real and available. It has become my mission to translate that possibility to life off the dance floor as well. Last year I had the fortune to meet and begin collaborating with Janet. I recognized that her comfort with the emotional realm is an essential component to fully realizing the mutual well-being that I know is possible.

Recently, I became a great grandmother after raising 2 sons and 1 granddaughter! I am excited for this opportunity to explore mutual well-being with You and Leeann and Janet in the potent arena of parenting.